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Starting from Scratch
PBA begins Textile Production

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Quincy Pierce, textile production operator, works at a sewing station that seals a seam as well as trims excess fabric. The machines are programmable which reduces operator error. Pierce said that each piece of fabric that they work with is different even though the operation to complete it is the same. "It is like each piece has its own personality".
U.S. Army Photo by Rachel Selby

DOD Safe Helpline: 877-995-5247

DOD Safe Helpline: 877-995-5247


PBA SHARP Victim Advocate

24 Hour Hotline: 870-209-4093

PBA Sharp: George Whale

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Pine Bluff Arsenal Awards

The following individuals received award recognition during the month of July:

  • James Harvey retired with 43 years of government service.
  • Linda Siverd retired with 35 years if government service.
  • Shannon Stowell recieved a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Shane Marriott received a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Tim Silvey received a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Carl Gilber received a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Jordan Freer received a Commander's Award. .

Pictures of award presentations for the individuals above can be found on the Awards Page..Click here

America's Arsenal

Mission Statement:

PBA Arsenal Providing America's Joint Warfighter with specialized Ammunitions, Smoke, and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense capabilities through expert manufacturing, storage and logistics.

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