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M18 colored smoke grenade demonstration. U.S. Army Photos by Hugh Morgan

Pine Bluff Arsenal Awards

The following individuals received award recognition during the month of July:

  • Debbie Paylor, Barbara Bryles, Ray Harbison, Amelio Howard, Gina Bond, Michelle Padgett, Josh Mizell, Shawneeka Mosby, and Stan Nelson were all presented an official Commendation Certificate.
  • Kevin Charles received the Superior Civilian Service Award for the Department of the Army.
  • Britt Murray with the Directorate of Ammunition Operations was officially commended for displaying superior safety emphasis.
  • Lavern Graham and Linda Siverd with the Directorate of business operations and Planning; Mark Harrison, Christopher Taylor, Marquitta Magnini and Fire Chief Jackie Doherty from the Directorate of Public Works, received a Commander's Award for Civilian Service.
  • Keith Amerson, Robbie Robertson and Matthew Newton received a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Kim Williams, Melanie Moore and Kathleen Burke Received the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service.

Pictures of award presentations for the individuals above can be found on the Awards Page..Click here


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PBA Arsenal Providing America's Joint Warfighter with specialized Ammunitions, Smoke, and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense capabilities through expert manufacturing, storage and logistics.

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