Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution, commonly referred to as ADR, is a term which covers many alternatives to traditional methods for resolving conflicts or disputes. ADR has been used as a tool in resolving workplace disputes arising from poor communication, personality conflicts, or alleged discrimination.  The Department of Army has chosen mediation as the primary ADR method in resolving EEO disputes because it empowers the parties themselves to reach an acceptable resolution of the conflict.

ADR (Mediation) is offered to the aggrieved individual in the informal stage of an EEO complaint and to the complainant throughout the formal complaint process as an attempt to resolve a complaint at the earliest level possible. 

The PBA EEO Office is firmly committed to using alternative methods for resolving disputes in all of its activities, where appropriate and feasible. Used properly in appropriate circumstances, ADR can provide faster, less
expensive and contentious, and more productive results in eliminating
workplace discrimination.

Mediation Process

  • Step 1:  The aggrieved individual contacts an EEO Official or collateral duty counselor and identifies an issue(s) s/he may be encountering.

  • Step 2:  The aggrieved individual chooses to elect mediation as opposed to the traditional counseling process in efforts to resolve his/her issue(s).

  • Step 3:  The issue(s) are then sent to the ADR Program Manager to determine whether the issue is appropriate for mediation.

  • Step 4:  ADR Program Manager arranges mediation and acts as liaison to all involved parties to include the mediator.  Selected mediators are neutral individuals not employed by the Pine Bluff Arsenal.

  • Step 5:  The mediator helps the two parties find areas of agreement and incorporates them into resolution terms.  If a mutual settlement is reached, the resolution terms are put into a written settlement agreement.  If settlement is not reached, the aggrieved individual will be issued a Notice of Right to File a Formal Complaint memorandum along with DA Form 2590 to be completed by the aggrieved if s/he wishes to file a formal complaint.

For Your Information:

  • ADR Pamphlet: pdf
  • Mediation Poster: pdf