Complaint Process

The PBA EEO Office administers the EEO Complaint Process which may be used by PBA employees and applicants for employment to raise issues of discrimination based upon one or more of the following: Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Age (40 and over), Disability, and Reprisal.
The federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process is governed by the regulations, management directives, guidance, and case law of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as well as applicable federal court cases.

Informal Complaints of Discrimination

  • Time Limit: Process must begin within 45 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory act

  • Employees and applicants contact the EEO Office (Plainview Complex – Creasy Building 17-110) for complaint counseling. EEO counselors assigned to process informal complaints are appointed by the EEO Complaints manager. They are not advocates for management or the complainant, but serve as an impartial third party.

  • Counselors seek resolution through mediation or informal settlements and fact-finding inquiries into discrimination allegations. Inquiries include talking with individual(s) alleged to have discriminated and witnesses with possible knowledge of the complaint issue(s).

  • Attempts to resolve disputes will be made by an EEO Counselor or by a Mediator. The EEO Counseling process may take up to 30 days (90 days if extension is needed) or up to 90 days if mediation is requested.

  • At the final interview, counselors provide will review and/or provide the aggrieved individual a copy of his/her Counselor’s Report and proper procedure for filing a formal complaint.

  • The EEO Office does not make discrimination findings or decide whether or not complaints have merit.

Formal Complaints of Discrimination

  • Formal complaints of discrimination may only be filed after a complaint completes the informal process.

  • Within 15 calendar days of the final interview, a formal written complaint submitted on DA2590 form will specifically detail the claim(s) the complainant raised in EEO Counseling and that the complainant wishes to pursue. The formal written complaint must be signed by the complainant or the complainant's attorney.

EEO Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is also available throughout both the informal and formal complaint processes, if the complaint is determined to be suitable for ADR.